Simply Frenchies
"The Breeders you can trust"

We were introduced to the french bulldogs about 15 years ago. I swore I would never get a small dog as my passion and love were the Bulldogs. Then we meet Keebler and our perception of the breed changed forever. He brought an enormous amount of joy to our life and forever dispelled any preconceive notion we had of the breed and small dogs .

Today Keebler is no longer with us but the paw print he left on our hearts made us a French Bulldog fan forever. Today we have a few gorgeous females and males that we use in our small breeding program. In the course of our work with the Frenchies we have met some wonderful people and made some friends . It has given us great joy to share what Keebler brought into our lives. Below is a link you will find a few comments our clients have share about us.